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Paragliding in the movie ‘Intouchables’


Paragliding like in the movie ‘Intouchables’

Did you already see the award winning movie ‘Intouchables’? It is a best seller. And did you also enjoy the view when they went paragliding in the French Alps? Guess what,  you can have the exact same  experience. This part of the movie was shot at ‘our’ mountain.

© photos Philippe Sicardi

On the  top ‘our’ Mont Bisanne you can start of your paragliding adventure.  The paragliding experts of Les Volatiles in Les Saisies participated in the movie ‘Intouchables’.  In the first part you see they are gliding from the south part of the mountain Mont Bisanne, which is just 500 meters above us.

Paragliding scene ‘Intouchables’ on Youtube

It doesn’t matter if it is summer like in the movie or in the winter, just use your skies, you can always take a  glide if the weather conditions allow you to glide.If you want to know more about the paragliding program please check the website of Les Volatiles.

Film Intouchables. François Cluzet and Omar Sy paragliding with les Volatiles in Les Saisies




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